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  1. Get Gone

From the recording Mightier Than Me EP

Copyright "Mightier Than Me" 2016. Recorded and Mixed by Scott Hartsell. Produced by Thomas TJ Johnson, Scott Hartsell. Mastered by Jacob Danieley. Project Manager: Enasha L James. Backing Vocals: Brandon Lucas, Sarah Barker. Keys: Michael Dorsett


I'm just a product of all that I’ve seen
I’ve seen a lot
I’ve been up top
I’ve been down low

I’ve been all around
Probably lived in your town
But not for long
The wind’s too strong
Gotta keep moving on

Through all the friends that I’ve lost
I can say I’ve gathered no moss
And the one thing I have found,
When the walls coming tumbling down
Get Gone

I’m just a fighter for all that I’ve loved
I’ve loved a lot
And so I’ve fought
And I’ve learned

I’ve learned when to stand
When to challenge the man
And when to run
when to come
And when to go

When I look to the stars
I can say I’ve earned all my scars
And the one thing I really learned
Is when the city starts to burn
Get Gone

‘Cause I move on
I move on
I move on
Get Gone

Through all the lines that they’ve drawn
I keep it up, I keep moving on
And the one thing I can say
is write a will or right away
Get Gone
(Get Gone)